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Supplementary Curriculum

Supplementary curriculum provides the students the extra instruction & practice required to realize their learning potential. The innovative academic & co-scholastic programmes included in this curriculum makes for a powerful supplement to the core curriculum, so that the students can benefit from additional individualized instruction and reinforcement.


Math Navigator is a special programme which helps improve the conceptual understanding of Math by means of commonly available material around us. This provides students a better understanding of the subject through unique techniques, which also leads to improved interest and participation in the learning process. This kind of a hands-on learning experience propels students to think divergently to understand and solve mathematical problems.


Grammar Express builds grammar skills through additional worksheets, assessment of speech, listening and a special focus on conversational skills. It covers all the aspects of Speaking, Reading and Writing, thereby making it easier for children to gain proficiency in English through the natural process of learning practice.


Students are exposed to the best in Science and Technology with Yardstick which provides hands on activities beyond text based study and teaches through the process of discovery. This gives the learner visual grasp, enhances their observation skills and ability to question. This process builds logical thinking and enhances problem solving skills. Each student is given individual kits which can be made into working models and helps build scientific temper.


The diagnostics programme helps the student as well as the parent achieve a better understanding of the student’s learning needs. The areas in which the student shows interest and skill are identified and nurtured. Similarly, the areas for which special guidance and assistance is needed are identified and the School as well as the family work together to bridge the gap.


The School has adopted EduSports, a special sports programme, which believes in creating a generation of healthy and fit School children. It offers a year-round sports and physical education programme which is both age appropriate and designed for a limited space. With daily lesson plans and specific props integrated with the curriculum based on standards from NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education), EduSports provides a structured physical curriculum and qualified trainers are appointed by Edusports to train students and measure their fitness.


Remedial courses serve as a sorting mechanism for children with differing academic abilities and aid them to ease out these differences. Students who find it a struggle to deal with certain concepts are invited to attend these classes, where a joyful environment for learning is created. Students are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary to understand a subject and can learn at their own pace, with the assistance of the teacher at every step.


supplementary curriculum

Pearson's Digiclass ensure clarity of concepts and better understanding and retention. Each class room is equipped with Digiclass, fueled by pearson's award-winning content.


Math practice is a programme designed to improve student's conceptual understanding of math through commonly available everyday material. This hands-on involvement encourages divergent and lateral thinking and, therefore, innovation in daily life.


Helping both students and parents achieve a better understanding of learning needs, the diagnostic programme identifies academic strengths and weaknesses. The school and family then work together to bridge the gap.

supplementary curriculum


Aimed particularly at students from grades 1 to 8, the science experiment programme comprises kits that can be made into working models. The approach is hands-on and activity-based, allowing students to acquire a deeper understanding of the subject.


Grammar Programme uses a natural learning process to improve grammar skills. It comprises worksheets, exercises, speech activities, listening, reading and conversation to help students master the English language.


The schools follow a structured curriculum prescribed by the NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education) to identify students with athletic potential, with the help of academies and professionals. In addition, students follow a year-round sport and physical education programme.


The Learning Improvement Programme includes board exam preparation for students of higher classes, especially in cases of special need.

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