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Vista International School has always been steadfast in its commitment towards providing a holistic growth environment for the students by ensuring equal importance being given to scholastic and co-scholastic pursuits. Sports, at VIS, is not a mere activity for the students to engage in. It is an exercise that has lasting impacts on the way the young minds are shaped – from nurturing healthy competition to developing their skills for effective teamwork, to having a positive outlook towards life.

To be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. To take on every challenge with enthusiasm and revel in the experience gained rather than focusing on the outcome.

The Sports facilities at Vista International School offers a range of outdoor and indoor sports options that helps the students maintain their physical health and fitness. It further gives them a chance to discover their aptitude in the field of sports and athletics and helps them thrive under the watchful guidance of our extremely proficient P.E teachers and coaches.

The goal of life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it” – Joseph Campbell.

Vista International School identifies the need of, and encourages the practice of both visual and performing arts. Trained professionals are made a part of the team to ensure that the students receive the best guidance possible in the area of art that they wish to explore. Arts and Craft is an integral part of our curriculum and it helps the students explore the full spectrum of their creativity. We do not wish to push students to follow a path blindly, we wish for them to be able to identify their innate potential and pave a way that suits them and their special talent. Our extremely skilled teachers guide the students to perfect the technique of art while letting their unbridled creativity take the spotlight. Our visual arts and craft curriculum coaches students on various forms of indigenous folk art forms of India, contemporary art, art across a range of mediums including crayon, pastel, water colour, oil painting etc. In the are of performing arts, our students get exposure to western and Indian music and dance forms under the tutelage of our highly talented staff.


The sports curriculum at VIS is conceptualized and designed to help students work on and improve key skill areas such as strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control and balance. The physical benefits garnered from sports aside, students learn valuable life lessons on the field such as team-work, leadership, confidence and self-discipline.

Vista International School has recently revamped its sports facilities which now boasts of a well-maintained athletics track, cricket pitch, world-class basketball and tennis courts, volleyball and handball courts, synthetic turf, and a skating rink. The school offers 10 different activities and games to choose from. These include Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Skating, Table Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, among others. We believe sports is an integral part of the education of a child that has paramount importance in ensuring their holistic growth. Students are encouraged to explore a variety before finding their calling in a particular type of sport that they can further build their skill on.

PET Classes and Mass PT:

From the very inception of their journey at Vista International School, students are trained in a well-conceptualized approach to ensure they build a love and appreciation for physical activity and fitness. Targeted exercise and games helping the young students build proper hand-eye coordination, strength and stamina are a part of the weekly schedule. Constant exposure to these training programmes helps the students appreciate the benefits they can reap from regular physical activities. Building on that first connection, students are slowly trained to master the technique and skill of various sports to help them reach an informed decision regarding which sport they would wish to pursue further on.

Mass PT is conducted weekly where the entire school come together to take part in some fun and engaging physical activity – be it aerobics or Zumba and find the joy in growing fitter together.

After-School Coaching:

The school also offers specialized after-school coaching for all students who wish to take their skills to the next level. Students at Vista International School also represent the school in several sports events and competitions at inter-school, state, national and international levels throughout the year.

The coaches at VIS are experienced and committed to help students develop sportsmanship spirit, fair play, and teach them the ability to work hard and collaborate. We have also partnered with EduSports, a reputed Indian sports education organization, to implement a structured and holistic sports curriculum at VIS. All coaches and activity staff at the school are offered professional development courses before and during the start of the academic year to constantly improve the quality of coaching.

Balance with Academics:

Our mission has and shall always be to be the wind beneath the wings of the Vistaians helping them rise and soar in their chosen path. For some that path leads towards pursuing sports professionally – something that requires intense training and frequent travels and missing out regular classes. We offer adequate support to such children and ensure that their academic progress is not completely ignored.

Students can choose their club based on their interest and what they would wish to pursue. Our Co-Curricular and Sports Clubs add the perfect condiment to enhance our student’s growth and learning experience and help them explore their protean talents.


  1. Literary Club: The perfect place for our literary enthusiasts to explore a language to its full extent. This club helps learners develop their skills at various activities like elocution, declamation, debates, JAMs, recitation, monologues, extempore etc.
  2. Art and Craft Club: A haven for the talented artists at VIS, the Art and Craft Club encourages our learners to give reins to their creativity and explore their talent through a range of different forms and mediums.
  3. Culinary Club: For those who find their joy in eating and find food to be the perfect language of love, the culinary club is a befitting abode. This club helps students explore and create a range of delectable fireless dishes. Students are also coached to have a proper know-how about healthy meal planning and how to make smart nutrition choices.
  4. Eco Club: The Eco Club is a perfect place for the avid nature lovers. The students of this club are often given the responsibility to plant and tend for the school herb garden. This place becomes a perfect knowledge-sharing space when children mutually learn about and nurture their love for nature.
  5. Creative Writing Club: Students whose pen multitask as swords adept at driving a point home, or a time machine to transport even the most reluctant minds to a fantastical place, are perfectly suited for the Creative Writing Club. Students give wings to their flair for writing by learning about and exploring various genres of writing.
  6. Community Service Activity Club: For students who are staunchly committed to doing their part for the betterment for the society find themselves at home in this club. The CSA club of Vista encourages students to actively take part in activities that would bring about a positive change in the society. This in turn plays a pivotal role towards their personal growth, making them empathetic and humane.
  7. JDO Club: Select students of grades 6 and 7 are chosen to be a part of this club where 1:1 classroom collaboration takes place between the students of Vista International School with an international partner school.
  8. Equality Club: In partnership with Rubaroo, Hyderabad, the students of equality club get the chance to build their interpersonal skills as well as enhance their social awareness. A curated module of exercises and activity ensures that the students emerge as well-rounded, empathetic and a perfect embodiment of a progressive individual.
  9. Gavel Club: The students who view themselves as leaders and feel that they have a unique view on matters that could make a difference, are perfectly at home in this club. A part of the international Toastmasters club, the gavel club of Vista International School – styled as ‘The Ciceronian Squad of Vista’ – gives a chance to the students to build on their leadership skills through speaking, and collaboratively learn and grow as public speakers.


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