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How Vista School Develops a Progressive Mindset in Kids?

  • By admin
  • Mar 11, 2021

Focusing on evolving children's mindsets is an unvisited territory in many educational organizations, be it schools or colleges. Understanding its importance and the depths at which it affects a student's brain is immeasurable, and hence it becomes all the more serious about building it in students effectively.

How does Vista School integrate Pedagogy with Teaching?

At Vista School, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, growing the mindset of our students has become our teaching priority. It is quite clear why this given pedagogy concentrates on guiding students. At Vista School, the best CBSE School in Hyderabad, we help them understand the values of effort, the ever-expanding curiosities, and the critical role of persistence. No matter what, trying new things and giving your best shot at it is the cornerstone of their budding careers. We don't teach but also grow with and along with our students.

Our School functions like a unit, a family that believes in a vision and does its best in attaining the same with harmony and diligence. Our School keeps coming up with new and advanced learning methods to cultivate students' talents and abilities. We believe that mindsets can be reasonably stable (rigid), but if we weigh it practically, they are just beliefs, and beliefs can permanently be altered or modified if not changed. A child's talent is purely a product of nurture and nature. It is often metaphorically said that Schools are like bridges that ensure that all the students reach from their kindergarten phase, walk the path of holistic growth and development, and reach the finish line with a bold, confident and humble personality.

Nurturing the growth mindset in Kids

School is regarded as a place of worship; students realize their potential, live through experiences, and dream of a future, all in a "positive" and "cultivating" atmosphere. Mindsets are evolved only at places where there's a sense of belongingness. Our School makes sure that it makes every student believe that the School is their home, the teachers and staff are their families, and their peers are their lifelong friends, who would indeed support and stand tall with them while they study, and even after they've become alumni. Psychologists believe that students who have a fixed mindset have stagnant performances. Their intelligence doesn't evolve and reaches its maximum potential.

If provided with a good atmosphere, the right motivating words, the correct direction, then a child can lead the world, bring in a good change and become a revolutionary individual. Hence, at Vista, the best CBSE School in Hyderabad, we always practice the habit of praising the kids when it is deserved.

The human brain is extremely flexible and can easily be molded. We are nurturing the belief that IQ is not pre-determined and can be flourished by giving time and putting in efforts. We at Vista believe that it is our duty towards the parents to provide their kids with the same.

Focusing on the process and learning journey is a bigger priority than attaining the final stage of your dream life. Hence, teaching these crucial life lessons to our students is what VISTA has been trying to do over the past decades and promises to build and build more and give a platform of academics, sports, and more to as many children as possible.

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