Spread over three acres of land, Vista International School has a built-up area of 1,00,000 square feet that comprises of 60 classrooms equipped with ICT facilities. The campus also includes laboratories for chemistry, biology, physics, two ICT labs and a math lab.

The campus also has excellent infrastructure for sports, music, dance, skating, yoga etc. The campus also has spaces for activities clubs for literature, theatre arts, creative writing, culinary, art and craft among others.

Smart classrooms

Our spacious, well-lit classrooms are a haven for learning. Each and every classroom sport ergonomic furniture and are technology-enabled. In keeping with the philosophy of the school to ensure holistic growth of every student, the classrooms are built and maintained in a way that would encourage learners to look forward to learning within its confines.


Vista International School maintains well-stocked and well-maintained laboratories that supplement textual knowledge imparted in the classroom and allows a learner to gain in-depth knowledge on a range of concepts. Our laboratories include Physics lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Math Lab, Computer Labs as well as Makerspace lab that helps students give wings to their innovative approach towards learning. Our laboratories are not just well-maintained, the students’ presence is monitored carefully to ensure that they are safe and learn to use resources judiciously – a trait that helps them even beyond the confines of the school.


The school maintains well stocked libraries consisting of age-appropriate books that enables our learners to harness the benefits of reading. Covering a range of fiction, non-fiction and resource books among others, the school libraries are a sanctuary of learning and growth that complements curriculum-required reading and instil the sense of accountability for progress among students.

Apart from the school libraries, each classroom has a reading corner, that has a collection of books loaned by the students of that particular class and section. Over one academic year, these loaned books are often perused by various students of the particular classroom, and returned to the lender at the close of the academic year. This practice has not only encouraged students to take up reading books in their spare time, rather than wait for designated library periods, but also help them experience the joy of sharing and growing together.

Remedial Classes

Identifying and acknowledging the fact that each learner has their individual pace of learning that may or may not conform to perceived standards of society, Vista International School adopts the approach to enable learners take charge of their learning while providing essential scaffolding measures to facilitate the process. We approach remediation with a positive and encouraging outlook that enables the students to look for the joy in learning rather than run behind the procurement of marks. Our trained teachers design the content for remediation in a way that enables the learners to overcome their unique barrier towards learning and develop an understanding of the subject.


Vista International School has an expansive sports field consisting of a cricket pitch, football ground, 2 basketball grounds, Badminton Court, skating rink and running tracks. Our trained coaches ensure that students make physical activity a regular part of their life. They train students in Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Kho Kho, Skating, Yoga, Taekwondo, and Athletics with gusto.

Our well-equipped Indoor Sports facilities include Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess, among others and encourages learners to find their calling and pursue the same fervently

Dining Hall

Each campus has separate dining area where healthy and nutritious vegetarian lunch is served every day. The food is prepared by an organization, Prism, that promises a spread that suits every palate, cooked under stringent health and safety measures.

Art & Craft Rooms

The altar for creative pursuits at Vista, the Art and Craft rooms are replete with resources that helps the Vistaians give wings to their creativity. Our extremely proficient and passionate art educators guide the students during their creative pursuits and helps them find their own niche from a range of options including drawing, painting, origami, clay modelling etc.


Our infirmary is well-equipped to give urgent medical attention, should any student require the same. An extremely vigilant and highly competent nurse, along with her attendants, look after the students and give them urgent care in their time of need. Apart from the designated infirmary, first aid kits are maintained in each and every floor in both Surya and Sampoorna Blocks as well as in the buses.

Multipurpose Hall

Our spacious Multipurpose Hall serves as an excellent space to conduct various events of the school including Parent Orientation Programs, Teacher Orientation Programs, Career counselling programs for students, among many others.


We have a large fleet of buses that ply the students to and from school during regular school days as well as during field trips and various inter-school events. Our buses are GPS enabled and their location can be tracked by the parents. The students are accompanied by a bus attendant who ensures that the kids are monitored and taken care of during travel. The buses also have a well-stocked first aid kit, in case of any emergencies.


  1. To ensure the safety and security of our students, our buses are equipped with GPS tracking units that help us track their locations and ensure that the speed of the vehicle is within the permitted speed limit.
  2. The campus is under 24×7 CCTV surveillance, which is monitored by dedicated staff members.
  3. Our support staff and security guards are made familiar with first aid procedures and emergency response procedures.

Safety of the students is of utmost priority at Vista International School. The school remains staunchly dedicated to its commitment towards providing a safe and secure environment for the students to grow and for the parents to feel safe and confident to send their kids to. To ensure that, not only is the school kept under CCTV surveillance, it is also ensured that the staff and students are complying by the safety guidelines laid down by the school. Our extremely active HSCP team ensures that there are regular audits around the school making sure it is infrastructurally sound. We also make sure to include parents for such audits to have their perspective. Regular sessions are conducted both for the staff (teaching as well as non-teaching) and students to ensure that they have a full knowledge regarding the safety guidelines of the school.

To ensure the safety and security of our students, our buses are equipped with GPS tracking units that also ensure that the speed of the vehicle is within the permitted speed limit. The drivers are selected after a thorough scrutiny of their background. The drivers are also checked using a breathalyzer mandatorily before each and every trip they make.

Compulsory Background Check & First Aid Awareness

All our staff are selected after a process of scrutiny of their background and after a police check, which is repeated every year. Our supporting staff and security guards are made familiar with first aid procedures and emergency response procedures.

Student Counselling Session

Students are taken through regular counselling sessions on topics ranging from appropriate behavior, anti-bullying, gender issues, body positivity etc. These sessions prove to be immensely helpful towards building a healthy mindset and outlook towards their self as well as the world in general.

Vista International has taken steps towards ensuring that we support and meet the needs of individuals with physical disabilities. Our campuses include resources like wheelchairs, and accessibility ramps to allow students and teachers with physical disabilities to take better advantage of the education, facilities, and services we provide.

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