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Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum equips the students with the knowledge and skills to excel in the world. We abide by the framework set by the traditional Indian education system. However, we ensure there is genuine engagement with subjects taught by employing simple teaching techniques. We incorporate innovative lesson plans based on well-researched material, regular assessments, remedial tutorials when necessary and finally, formal certification.

Our Core Curriculum comprises of:

  • Book List
  • Standard Assessments
  • Standard Library Programme
  • Life Skills Programme
  • Co-scholastics
  • Physical Education
  • Teaching Aids

Supplementary Curriculum

Our supplementary curriculum consists of programmes that provide additional support and increase the student’s learning potential. We inculcate an innovate mindset while ensuring clarity of concepts through Digiclass. We incorporate a variety of programmes such as:

  • Sports & Physical Development 
  • Science Experiments & Application by Yardstick
  • Core Concept Clarity through ICT
  • Grammar Programme
  • Math Practice
  • Assessment Diagnostics by MyPedia Insight
  • Learning Improvement Programme

Value Added Curriculum

In addition to the core and supplementary curriculum, Vista School further contributes towards learning outcomes through the value-added curriculum. The curriculum comprises of a set of innovative programmes for academic, cultural and co-scholastic progress.

  • English Reading & Writing
  • Experiential Performing Arts Programme

21st Century Skills

Our 21st Century Skills Programme emphasises the goal of finding suitable employment and acquiring the skills necessary to help students succeed in their chosen field of occupation. It comprises of:.

  • English Language & Communication Skills
  • Career Guidance/Awareness