June 6, 2016


The changes that the Coronavirus has brought to our lives are yet to be realized. Be it health, service or the manufacturing sector, and Covid has changed things drastically for everyone.

The biggest impact of these changes would be on future generations. In 2020, from primary to post-doctoral, education has been restricted to the living room, with students and educators cut off from each other, with only a single thread of digital communication doing its best to continue education.

Reports that talk about how Covid has affected students and their learning are only scratching how things have changed. Vista School, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad  , breaks down the factors that affected learning across boards.

Social and Physical Skills Affected

One of the first things that quarantine has affected is the children’s learning curve in developing social skills and physical growth. Students are finding it tough to retain new facts and ideas. The energy required to learn through the strain of staring at a screen the whole day is only making them passive and disinterested.

Another contributing factor towards passivity is the lack of physical exercise. Being locked up in the house and being made to follow instructions from a face on the monitor or a smartphone day in and day out adds to the fatigue from isolation. This kind of education decreases the attention span and widens the learning gap between each standard.

There is no substitute for classroom learning or even the habit of travelling to school from home. Vista School, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, encourages its students to reduce screen time and increase physical exercise where ever possible. Our teaching, both offline and online, focuses on the holistic development of each child, which means that the mental well-being of each child is as important as grades, especially in these troubling times.

Digital Divide Exposed

The pandemic has shown how a particular class of people, armed with new-age technology, have been relatively safe from its after-effects, unlike the majority.

The spirit of education has also split among students who can afford digital education and those who cannot. While till yesterday, parents who just had the little financial burden to bear in terms of uniform, books and school fees now have to take the internet costs along with a transmission device like a laptop, PC or a smartphone. There have been many reports of households cutting back on livelihood costs to afford to have their children attend online classes.

At Vista School, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, we believe that every student should receive complete education, financial status notwithstanding. Our wide range of online services fit learning standards of all complexities so that no student is left behind.


Until state and central leaders work with schools to find a substitute for classroom learning or even bring it back in a staggered fashion, students and parents have to do with digital education.


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