FAQ – Pre-primary

There is one section of Nursery, two sections of PPI and two sections of PPII.

The virtual classes will be conducted on Zoom platform which is integrated to the parent app. The parents will get credentials to login to parent app. The class teacher will send invitation to the parents for the online classes and the schedule will reflect in the parent app. The recording of the class will be available to parents for the quick reference

The first few sessions will be focused on building a relationship and bond between the teachers and students. It is important that children feel comfortable with their class before they start learning. The modules and activities will be designed as per the topic of the week, which will be communicated to parents in advance.

As the Early Years Programme is skill-based, all the concepts will be introduced through hands-on activities. Relevant books, activity sheets and material will be guided by the school. Relevant follow-up activity sheets will be uploaded to student drive for students and parents.

While most of the material will be provided by the school, if there are any requirements, parents will be notified by the teachers beforehand.

The books and resource material will be delivered by the vendor at your residence. The class teachers will explain how to use the given material during the online classes.

To ensure a successful online learning environment, we recommend establishing a daily routine for your child with dedicated learning hours in a quiet place without distractions. We also suggest getting plenty of exercise, eating healthy, sleeping well, and taking short breaks between modules for overall well-being. The sessions have been kept short with intervals in between to reduce continuous screen time.

While the activities are designed to be child-friendly, we recommend parent cooperation and supervision to ensure learning is successful.

Yes, the Parent App can be downloaded from I Store or Play store on any mobile or tablet. It can also be accessed on the web from any desktop or laptop.

The teacher child ratio is 1:15.

We begin each day with an activity wherein teachers and students engage in hands-on experiences to practice healthy living habits. Parents are also invited to be a part of this activity.

  1. The live sessions will be conducted on Zoom and the recorded sessions will be posted on the Google Drive.
  2. The class teachers will conduct the virtual sessions on Zoom. She will send the invitation to all the sessions beforehand, and the parents can find them on their calendar.
  3. The class teacher will upload some activities on the Parent app as per the timetable shared.
    Parent App is an interactive platform, and students can post their drawings, audio, or video clips. The class teachers will give their feedback too.
  4. We request you to keep the weekly schedule handy to refer to all the details needed for the virtual sessions. The class teacher will send the weekly schedule every Saturday for the coming week.
  5. We have made these timetables child-friendly, and we request you to go through the same along with your child. This practice will go a long way in making your child responsible and independent.
  1. The online classes will be held daily on Zoom covering various skills. These sessions will also be recorded for the convenience of both parents and students.
  2. The Nursery students will have 2 sessions of 20 minutes each with a break in between.
  3. The PPI students will have 2-3 sessions of 30 minutes each with a break in between.
  4. The PPII students will have 3-4 sessions of 30 minutes each with a break in between.

The students are offered Hindi and Telugu in PPII to choose one from.

The students are offered Art & Craft, PE, Music & Dance. Special coaches conduct these classes.

  1. Virtual or physical school, the whole year is a happening one with quite a few events to look forward. These events have a significant role in the overall development of a child, and they have been aligned with the school philosophy, `Learning for Life`.
  2. There will be quite a few events to look forward to throughout the year like Color Day, 100 days, Festival Celebration, Children`s Day Celebration, Grandparents` Day Celebration to name a few

Yes, there will be inter and intra school competitions held regularly.

  1. The school program will be complete if connected with home too.
  2. The school has ensured to have this connection during virtual school as well. The resource material and activity books will be provided to the students in the coming few days. Some activity sheets, video clip and audio clips will be uploaded on Google Drive for extended learning.
  3. The schedule of these activities will be shared with the parents shortly by the class teachers.
  4. We request you to use the reference material at home and make a routine for the child to go through the same from time to time.
  5. A little time invested daily in revising the concepts will go a long way to set a routine of self-learning

The school has a great team of passionate, creative, and competent teachers who are aware of their roles. Our intense in-house professional development program keeps the teachers abreast of the latest trends in education. Our teachers are well equipped in terms of skills and resources to conduct online classes.

Parents can send an email to the class teacher keeping the coordinator in loop, and she will get in touch with the parents. We request you to mention the name, class, and unique id of the child in the mail for clear understanding.

The school believes in remaining in constant touch with the parents and we begin our year with `Coffee with Teachers` wherein parents and teachers have a light conversation to understand each other. Three term end meetings are organized to talk about the progress of the child. During the year, if the parent or teacher feels there is a need to meet, a meeting can be arranged.

  1. Communication is vital to ensure the school program runs effectively.
  2. The school gives the parents a User Id and Password to Parent App. Parents can access the daily attendance of the child and other important updates about holidays, timetables, PTM schedule, Progress cards.
  3. Parents are expected to check the email, school website, and whatsapp group regularly to get the latest updates.
  4. The link to view monthly e-newsletter is shared with parents. The newsletter updates on events and learning that happened during the month, important announcements, forthcoming events, and topics.
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