FAQ – Primary
  1. A typical day at school is a mix of academics and activities both in the physical and virtual space. The school timings in the physical scenario are from 8:20 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. In the virtual scenario the classes are from 8:30 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.
  2. The primary classes work 5 days in a week with Saturday and Sunday being holidays.
  3. There are 5 sessions daily. Each period is for 40 minutes with a gap of 10 min between 2 classes.
  4. These sessions cover the core subjects of English, Mathematics and EVS along with II Language, Computers, Library, Music, Art & Craft, PE and Painting.
  1. The classes are conducted on the Zoom platform which is integrated in the parent app. They are held synchronously ie; live. Each session is of 40 min. with a break of 10 min.
  2. Each child is given a login credential to join into the class through parent app. They can join through a laptop/desktop/iPad/Tab.
  3. The assembly is held daily from 8:30 a.m. to 8:40 a.m.
  4. The teacher schedules the meetings a day in advance and the students are expected to join them in time.
  5. The pdf form of the ppts is also available for the student’s reference.

There are no fixed books from CBSE. The schools are given a list of learning objectives that the child should attain at the end of the academic year. The schools have the freedom to make a choice of books most suitable from the various Publications available. The students are expected to get the stationery from home. The stationery includes sharpened pencils, eraser, ruler and colour pencils along with a ruler. In case any thing is required by the child to do an activity in class, the same will be informed in advance to the child.

  1. There are specific days for the homework. We ensure that the homework for Grades I/II is not more than 30 min. on a given day. For classes III – V the homework is given for 45 min. The homework is of the child’s level and a kind of revision of the work done in class.
  2. The homework (worksheets) is uploaded on the Google Drive for Grades I/II. The homework (worksheets) for the Grade III – V would be given in the files section of the class Team.
  3. The details of the work done in the class are shared on a weekly basis through a Weekly Transaction Report. This contains information regarding the work done during the week in class, homework assigned, and the material required for the classes in the upcoming week.
  4. The details of the homework are also uploaded in the school App
  1. There are formal examinations in the Primary classes as per the CBSE board guidelines. The assessments are informal too and are embedded into the curriculum. These are held continuously through the term. The assessments are held through worksheets, quizzes, speaking tasks, group work, role play, presentations etc. They have two Periodic Assessments and two Term Exams in an Academic year.
  2. The assessment in Grades I/II are objective based and in Grades III – V they are based on skills. For each objective/skill there would be many assessments taken through the term. An average of all of them will reflect in the Term Report Card.
  3. An assessment, if missed by a child due to absence is not repeated.

There is a choice of II Language from between Hindi/Telugu/French. The II Language remains same through the Primary classes. These classes are conducted by the language teachers.

  1. The school provides support to students such that they are able to work at their maximum potential.
  2. These classes are held after school between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  3. Additional help classes are conducted for students who need extra support to match up to class levels. These classes are held for Grade II upwards.


  1. Enrichment classes are held for students who display an aptitude for a subject at a level higher than the grade level.
  2. Remedial classes are conducted by the remedial counselors for students who are identified with learning difficulties.
  3. Reading support classes are held for Gr I students to ensure that they become comfortable readers.
  4. These classes are offered to the student only after the consent of the parent.
  1. The academic year is divided into 2 Terms. A report card is generated at the end of each term. The parents are invited to discuss the progress of the child. We encourage both parents to join us for discussing the academic progress of the child.
  2. In addition to this, the parents are invited for informal discussion regarding the child in the “Coffee with the Class teacher” event. These are held on Saturdays where the teacher invites a few parents.
  3. In addition to these, any time you would like to discuss the progress of the child, just send her an email for the same. She will schedule a meeting on the following Saturday as per her schedule.
  4. We request parents to not disturb the teacher while her class is in progress.

The prime mode of communication is the email. In case of any query, the parent can send us an email and we will revert within 48 hrs.

  1. The school has activities and events integrated into the system which gives ample opportunity for the students to interact with each other informally as well as formally. We have events like the Buddy Program which is an informal interaction between classmates. The students have activities which require them to work in groups fostering teamwork.
  2. The school also has SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) sessions for the students as part of Life Skill classes.
  1. There are various activities as part of the school which help in overall personality development of the child. Students are given different opportunities for overcoming their fear of public presentation/speaking. One such event is held weekly through the Talent Presentation.
  2. For details regarding various sporting activities, please refer Pg – 29 of the School Diary.

There are collaborative events planned wherein parents are invited to be part of the class to encourage involvement and interaction. Some examples are Star of the Day,  etc. which are conducted on a weekly basis.

  1. The first person to connect with in case of any query is the Class teacher. A mail can be sent to her.
  2. You can also connect with the Coordinator for any concerns.
  3. The school can be reached through the office email ID too.
  4. All queries will be answered within 48 hrs.

There are discipline guidelines set in place for the students. Discipline policy and guidelines are available in the School Diary.

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