May 4, 2016


School educators say that ten years from now, schools will completely turn to digital solutions. Every student would have a compulsory digital component to their education.

We can already see students taking down notes in laptops instead of notebooks and seeking knowledge from Google than the library.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest highly debated topics where its integration into education is something everyone wants to discuss. Vista School, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad , will try and break down this topic for you.

In a nutshell, here are some of the advantages of having AI at schools

  • · Improves efficiency in learning through a better curriculum
  • · Real-time problem solving
  • · Intelligent game-based learning
  • · Providing data on all fronts for a more in-depth analysis of patterns

There are cons too, such as artificial intelligence, which is not equipped to understand human emotions, might make wrong decisions due to lack of instinct or unawareness of a basic survival instinct.

The bar for knowledge needs to be raised.

One of the first arguments raised during the debate of artificial intelligence for schools is, are teachers ready to handle it? For artificial intelligence to properly prepare and execute a teaching methodology, it should be augmented with human intelligence and a higher emotional capability.

This means that all educational institutions that deal with training teachers have to embrace this new scientific experimental infrastructure to ensure that teachers in the future are up-to-date with the present day’s technology.

Hence, school leaders, such as Vista School, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad (, should lead the opportunity for change.

Teachers need problem-solving, digital literacy, collaboration and communication skills. The growth of their creative and entrepreneurial skills, along with the students is also important. All of which are provided at Vista School. The same goes for students too. The next generation of jobs might need a high amount of automation that requires understanding some computer knowledge.

This means expanding the current definition of digital literacy to include AI and develop new institutional capacities. It can also monitor and detect patterns in a particular student’s progression that signal a learning decline, thereby helping the student in need.

Changes to the structure of classrooms

Smartboards and augmented reality have already made changes in the way classrooms are designed. Now, most of the schools construct classrooms with a projector and a screen for the same purpose.

Thanks to the pandemic, we had to evolve into a new sphere for learning practices by making every house into a classroom. We can’t rely on traditional teaching methods anymore.

This is necessary because technology can awe students into learning by providing a highly immersive environment and adapting to the changing world. Research too supports this argument as it shows that students learn better by applying concepts into practice.

Register your child at Vista School, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad today, where students are thoroughly prepared for the modern world.


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