December 1, 2015


All work and no play makes a child dull – everybody needs a break from their daily lives, kids included. During this pandemic period, when children (and adults) begin to get bored and start to get on the nerves of their parents, all that is needed are some activities to keep themselves busy and give parents some time for relaxation.

Many children and adults enjoy playing video games. Interactive games and activities help them develop certain skills. Kids learn how to cooperate with others, fostering friendship and healthy competition with others. Playing games also enhances a child’s long and short-term memories. Re-playing the same game and completing tasks require them to recall more.

Here are some free online interacting games and activities, used in the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad, which could help children to develop cognitive and boost creativity:

Puzzle Bubble

Puzzle bubble (also known as “Bust a Move” in North America) is an arcade game. At the beginning of each level, the screen contains colorful bubbles, and at the bottom, there is a player controller, called the pointer. The player aims and fires the ball towards a group of colors in the arena identical to the ball on the pointer. The group of balls of that color and the balls hanging from them fall; thus, points are awarded. This game helps children learn about colors and aim correctly.

Penguin Diner

Penguin diner is a cooking and serving game. In this game, you take the penguin customers’ orders and serve the food when ready. If you delay the waiting time, the penguin’s heads turn red, as if they’ll blow up! Well, that’s not what you need, right? Serving orders quickly will help boost your points.

Snail Bob

In this game, you need to help Snail Bob, a shy creature, get home by clearing hurdles and bringing him out of his shell (pun intended)! Even with your help, Snail Bob moves slowly and hides inside its shell every time it notices trouble. So instead of teasing this poor mollusc, you should help him by removing the obstacles and making an easier path to his house!

Pac Man

In this game, the player controls Pac-man, a hungry character who must eat all the dots in the maze while avoiding some colourful ghosts. The flashing blue dots turn the ghosts blue so that Pac-man can eat them and earn points. Once Pac-man eats all the yellow dots, he wins. But if the ghosts catch him, then he dies! Pac-man has three lives, meaning if you die three times, your game will be resumed from where it was when you died.

Papa’s Pizzeria

Most people get hungry while playing cooking games, but still, these games are fun to play! In this game, you’re supposed to take pizza orders and make them in accordance with each person’s order. Do not give one’s order to another; they will not pay you plus take the pizza as well. No profits earned! Bring out the chef in you by cooking the pizza in a limited time and serving the order correctly.


There are many drawing games online. In these games, children draw and colour however they want. These types of games enhance their imagination and colouring skills.


Ludo is a popular game! Roll the dice and make your move. The instructions are that simple. It requires some mental skills but most importantly, the numbers that you get on the dice. If you’re lucky and get lots of sixes, others might sabotage your chances of winning!

Tic Tac Toe

It is a two-player game, Xs and Os, who, in turn, marks the space in a 3×3 grid. If the player succeeds in marking horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows, then that’s a win-win, good for him.

Brain Math

In this game, children are given fun math questions and riddles. Answering them enhances their mathematical skills without the pressure of having the questions pop in their syllabus!

Fire boy and Water girl

It is a two-player game, where there are two characters – a fire boy and a water girl. Clear the hurdles in your path and find your way home!

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