April 2, 2016


“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.”~ Alber Einstein

Art has the role in education of helping children become life themselves instead of more like everyone else. Art has always proved to develop a child holistically, because it has no bounds and gives the child space and unhindered freedom to stretch to their farthest reach of imagination.

Their little-innocent-growing minds need fostering but also the space of creating something fresh and unique. The fulfillment that a child receives when they feel that whatever they think and feel, whatever they imagine, their curiosities and their answers, all are going to be heard, seen, and appreciated, is immeasurable.

According to the primitive perception, integrating art into academics is not just letting the student scribble on papers and letting them use colours in drawings,

But it is an intensive research based curricular strategy and there have been endless studies based on it. Art integrated learning has opened spaces and broken bounds of the age-old methodologies of teaching, a teaching which is both interdisciplinary and holistic in nature.

At VISTA which is a Best CBSE School in Hyderabad, the core of academics lies in harboring the student’s learning needs. Their dynamic curriculum is knowledge and outcome –centric in which learning across all subject areas are linked through broader concepts. They believe in ‘Learning beyond classrooms’, and therefore have created various clubs, organize events and community services, teach music & dance, which nurture the kids and help them explore their hidden talents and capabilities. There are beautifully crafted clubs like:-

  •  Theatre Art Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Art & Craft Club
  •  Eco Club
  • Literary Club

There are not just co-curricular but Literary Activities as well, like:-

  • 15 Book Campaign

An initiative to have students read more and to create a culture of reading. The campaign strives to foster the love for reading among students, teachers and staff. They have the freedom to select books based on their personal interest. However, the campaign has specific guidelines to ensure every student, teacher and staff read and the culture of reading is sustained.

  •  Written Expression

Introduces the nuances of writing and encourages students to collaborate and create their own written texts for a variety of purposes. Students are encouraged to explore writing as a passion, hobby and a possible career option. They are taught a new word every day to improve their vocabulary. This is a fun activity called “Word of the Day”.

  •  Sports & Wellness

To build a healthy body that can ensconce a healthy mind, Pearson schools have been equipped with expansive playgrounds. They have invested in infrastructure specifically designed to satisfy the physical training requirements of the students. As a result, there is space and provision for all kinds of sport – cricket, basketball, football and volleyball. The students are trained by an experienced coach. To improve and boost their mental health, students are taught and encouraged to practice yoga.

Their sports curriculum is curated by their sports training partner – EduSports. They ensure that all students build the essential skills required to pursue any sport of their choice during the academic session. Students are also mandated to participate in health check-ups to maintain their health.

  •  Innovation Labs

Innovation Lab fosters creativity and intellectual development through quality visual arts & hands-on experience by making students create objects of their choice. Students are taught various skills to replicate the model, such as selecting the right raw materials, making shapes & structures etc. They provide them with the opportunities to understand mechanics, chemicals and encourage out-of-the-box ideas.

  • Trips and Excursions

They are extremely  committed to providing an environment in which the students can learn, thrive and grow. They emphasize on providing a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. Industry / Factory visits are conducted to give the students real-life experiences. Pre-primary students are taken to visit supermarkets, zoos, parks, planetariums, etc.

Schools are not just a place where students come to pass classes, but in regard to our country’s culture, it has always been treated as a Holy Place. Schools are like mothers to the child. Children join schools when their brain is like a plain paper, but graduate with a unique identity and confident personality which can strongly withstand any situation that life throws at them, and at VISTA SCHOOLS, this is what they intend to achieve.


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